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Seeing this title you’d be wondering is there a way to monetize my travel experience? I tell you the truth, yes it is, that’s just what I do for small steady income. How to? I’ll explain in details.

And how do I make money from this? There are different possibilities to earn money form a travel blog : Affiliate programs, AdSense and the likes, advertising… In order to make money from your female travel blog you have to treat it like a business. If you are new to blogging for money it won’t hurt if you learn the basics. As in any business there are things you should know, technical stuff like setting up your blog, things like how to get the traffic, and, very important of course, how to make money with your blog.

Make sure to visit a variety of websites. Be active in the travel writing community. In fact, you could email the travel writer of a website and ask for a back link. This is a great way to establish relationships with other travel writers.

If you find a company that does not have an active blog, contact the marketing person via email. Explain who you are (positioning yourself) and what you can do for the company. Keep your self-promotion email to half a page in length. Proofread, check your spelling and sentence structures, and make sure the email is error free! Don’t forget to include links to your blog (portfolio). How to write a business letter the proper way is good to know. Your goal is to receive as many writing opportunities as you can.

But how can you make money through an auto blog though? Sell cars on a blog? Well no necessarily. Think about how magazines and TV programs make money. It’s the advertising! They get a lot of views from a lot of audiences and people pay them to advertise on their platforms. That’s one of the simplest ways to look at it but there are so many more ways to make money through an auto blog or even blogging in general.

Select your host provider by searching on the web. Lot of host providers is there in the online world. If you contact them they will provide you the domain name & web space.

Your SLR camera should be able to take video shots. Once I see something fascinating and that is not what the static photo can fully express, I’ll choose to use a video shot.

These are ways to use your blog to find freelance writing jobs. Remember when you write your blog be real and have passion for what it is you’re writing. Be of service to people and add value. You’ll be surprised at how much business and traffic you’ll generate. More importantly it will open doors to writing opportunities and happiness!

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