Have You Determined To Get A Website For Your Business?

Turning your doubt into endless possibilities can only be accomplished through applied knowledge. Knowing something and applying it are two different things which I am sure everyone will agree upon. It’s easy to say you know or can do something, the hard part, is the ACTION that’s required to see it through.

Pilots have a theory they use when flying. Well really not a theory but an explanation for why airliners aren’t falling out of the sky every second and it’s called “The Big Sky Theory”. Simply, it states there’s enough sky for everyone to fly in.

It might look clever to have lots of different styles to the pages, but as a visitor it does not give a good feeling. The lack of consistency across the pages mean that the navigation can be moving and hard to locate and each new page style effectively feels like visiting a new website. And this effect is horrible.

Selling pictures on the internet can be very profitable, but only if you know where to sell them. Most who sell photos online end up going with a stock photo agency and let them sell the photos. This can lead to huge profits, but because of fees, the people who actually took the photos are left with a lot less of a profit.

There are many website design companies claiming to be best web design Company or professional company showcasing strong portfolio but I found a website which is well designed for user as well as robots. Personally I will rate this kansas city web design firm 8 on a 10 point scale.

Your minisite should load in 8 seconds or less. Beyond this time frame, most visitors lose patience. Sorry, we are in an instant, microwave society and nobody wants to wait. Besides, there is over information and too much to see and navigate, so your visitors are happy to hit the back button.

These are just some of the few skills that a web developer should come equipped with. If you as a web developer are missing some of these skills, try to start learning more about the ones you feel you are lacking. This will not only make you more valuable but also more of a professional in your market.

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