Halloween Party Games And Ideas For Kids

No, I’m not talking about those cheap Halloween-mix CDs with weird sound effects and the “Monster Mash” song. Of course, the “Monster Mash” definitely deserves to be on the list, but you probably already knew that. In case you didn’t know, that song was recorded by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers. How’s that for a Halloween band name? Beyond that particular Halloween tradition, however, there are quite a few other songs worthy of your own creepy mix CD.

Lights: Sight is another of the five sense that you should consider when putting together a party. A few orange, green, or purple lights will help set a cool, spooky mood.

A different game which seems to popular is the building a scarecrow game. This entails having numerous groups of children make their scarecrow using pillow cases, old clothes, newspapers, cardboards, tapes or adhesives, and markers. You will have to set up some old clothes for this one. The children will certainly enjoy making something that often see in television and books.

Don’t forget to have a scary story telling time as well. Ask one of your guests or friends to tell a story to the kids at the party. Avoid making the story too scary though.

And don’t forget the music. You can easily find halloween music in the nearest record store or in the internet. For further enjoyment, you can ask the kids to dance in a “monstery” or ghoulish kind of way. You can even give a prize to the kid that will give the best monster dance.

A game that will really make them rattle is to have them look around the yard or house for skeleton bone parts. You can buy plastic ones from a toy store or craft store. Or you can make them from paper by cutting them out. If you’re a good artist you can draw them or print them out from the internet and cut them out. Either way its sure to be hit with the kids. To add more of a challenge to the game have them assemble the skeleton from the bone parts they find.

Halloween decorating ideas can also include edible decorations. Why not have displays of Halloween cookies and cupcakes arranged on Halloween themed dishes and platters for an extra special treat. You and your guests will love them. You can even use paper plates purchased from the dollar store.

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