Early Diagnosis Of Alzheimers Is A Must.

Someone once told me “Anyone who says forgiveness is easy has never done it.” For a long time I held that to be true. Forgiveness seems like a dreadfully difficult task – especially if the deed is particularly terrible.

What kept reappearing- coconut oil! Being a bit skeptical, I continued my search, finding only positive results with the oil. Being a food, it surely couldnt hurt and may help. I was amazed!

Feeling like a care taker. When couples get old and retire or their children get married and move away, often a feeling of worthlessness or unproductiveness sweeps over them. If elderly couples, or an elderly person has a dog, that pet often becomes more like a son or daughter, as senior citizens tend to make use of their unproductive day by “taking care of their child” which brings a new feeling of purpose in their life.

Last year due to the alarming number of children hospitalized after having convulsions, vomiting and dangerously high fevers triggered by flu shots, Australia’s chief health officer banned flu shots for all children in that country. It is the added chemicals, not the virus itself that causes the adverse symptoms. Those chemicals (which are added as preservatives) cause severe problems for elderly patients also, and contribute to neurological diseases including Dementia Village.

Somewhere between 20 and 25% of the population get their herpes sores below the waist and somewhere between 50 and 80% of the population gets their herpes sores above the waist. If you factor in the number of people who have both herpes 1 and 2 at the same time, you are left understanding that at least 60% of the population has herpes simplex. Which rings true when you consider that 70% of the adult population has HPV (genital warts or cervical dysplasia) and that 80% of the adult population has had chlamydia at least once.

Once in a while you can add something different into the routine, like visitors or other activities. Take it slow, you don’t want to cause a sensory overload. Planning time outdoors can be a great idea, like taking a walk to the park. Doing things that involve the senses is all stimulating as well, like singing songs or dancing.

The latest one comes from the “Alzheimers Research Trust”, suggesting that maybe caffeine is good for memory! Earlier studies suggest it can be good for some eye conditions “blepharospasm”), and lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinsons disease and more.

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