Common Mistakes Revealed Regarding Website Design

Mobile phones are vital for any business. We cannot be in the office all the time, near our landline. As much as a land line is important for any business, especially a free phone number, (as studies have shown people are more likely to ring a free phone number to make an enquiry than to dial a national number) sometimes we need to go to meetings, or leave the office to speak to our colleague. Yes you may have an answer machine service; however this may not be that efficient. Returning calls does not always work out. The time it takes you to listen to the answer machine message and return the call, the potential customer may have looked elsewhere for the services. Thus losing you potential profits.

Make text easy to ready by using colors that contrast or backgrounds that are easy to read text on. When your text is harder to read because the background or text color creates eye strain or portions of text that are unreadable, site visitors are less likely to stick around.

Browsers have different speeds, and Google Chrome is substantially faster than most browsers. We feel that this can be seen be even the average web user. And in today’s fast paced society, who doesn’t want to shave off a few seconds each day?

Let’s take it one step further. You’ve read this article and say to yourself, “yes, I have knowledge in web design company in bangalore (or marketing or accounting or writing, whatever) but I can’t just leave my job just yet, I have obligations”. That is fine. The idea is you are going to give a bit of your time and a lot of your knowledge with the understanding that you will be rewarded far more down the road when the company does very well.

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of books and seminars on all of that. I have read and attended some of them. All the old sayings like “it’s who you know not what you know” and the power of networking are all true.

For him a website is useful and good only if it is aesthetically designed, intuitive and respond to his query in the minimum time. You must have heard the term “SEO” which is quite popular these days and what many people do or rather do it wrong is to design a website as per the optimization process and forget the user.

Another way is to raid your closet or to ask your relatives to ‘donate’ items they no longer want to your cause. Then, sell that stuff on eBay. If you’re new to eBay, you may have to wait to receive your funds while they test your trustworthiness. But if you’ve bought and sold on eBay before, you’re one old iPod away from a hundred dollars or more.

Search Feature – If your website has lot of pages then adding a search feature on your website will be a good idea so as to help the user to quickly search for any term which he thinks might be in your website.

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