Buying A Great Candle For Your House

One of the most convenient things to be homemade nowadays which do not necessarily come from factories is a candle. Candles have many uses and usually, they are used in festivals here in the States. If you live in a rural area, you will earn somewhat if you make homemade candles if your neighbor has an impending occasion like a bar mitzvah or a wedding perhaps.

Most of the tools are things you already have in your home. For heating the wax an electric stove will work well. Use a pot, fill it half way full of water, then put a clean, used can to put the wax in. Bring the water to a boil and the wax inside will slowly melt. When you are done with the can used to melt the wax you can just through it away. Easy clean up! Next you will need a mold of some sort. It can be anything you have at home, a glass jar or a paper cup. These are the only tools you will need.

As far as soy wax candle making supplies go, some of other items that you will need are: A thermometer to check the temperature of the wax, a carving knife to cut the wax, newspapers to cover your work area, and also different fragrances and color dyes that you may want to use for the candle.

So what is needed for small scale Epic Workshops in your home? Wax is the #1 item. Since a candle is almost entirely made up of wax, let’s consider the different types of waxes that may need to be researched before you begin.

You are now going to take the amount of gel that will fit into two glass containers that are the same size of the candle you are going to be making and place it into your melting pot. Using the candy thermometer melt the gel to 225 degrees. Next you will add your fragranced oil. The recommended amount of oil to use is half an ounce of fragrance to one pound of gel. Fragrances may vary in strength, so add more if necessary. You are now going to get your liquid dye. You will need to add the dye quickly before your gel cools below 200 degrees. Use a toothpick to dip into the dye and then swirl into your gel.

Fifth candle making tip – This is specifically for those of you who want to sell their candle work. An important aspect of marketing is always packaging. Its the look of a product when you first notice it. Presentation, your first impression, all of this is important. What are you trying to accomplish with packaging? You want to attract attention. Get them looking at the product with their eyes wide open in amazement. You’ll get a sale more often than not.

Also bear in mind that not all of candles have circumferences – because not all scented candle is circular. There are various kinds of candles like tealight, taper, votive and pillar.

Another very important thing that you should address to your children or the children that are learning this art from you is the importance of candle burning safety. Why they should never light a candle on their own and how you should always be present when the candle is burning. Make sure that they know that this is not a toy and it should be treated with respect. This is the most important part of candle making for kids.

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