About Buying Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, a girls best friend, and downright expensive. In order to put that diamond ring on your finger, someone has to mine, ship, process, inspect, polish, set, and ultimately sell that diamond. With all of these various steps, it’s no wonder why diamonds are among the world’s most expensive items. Of every diamond mined throughout the world every year, far less than half will be gem quality. What happens to the rest of the diamonds?

The cut of the diamond also affects the price of it. For example, the princess cut diamond, which is very popular, tends to be cheaper than a round brilliant cut diamond. The latter being the most popular diamond cut. The reason for this is simply because when the facets are cut into the 鑽石戒指, the princess cut allows for up to 80% of the original stone to remain as the finished product. The round brilliant cut diamond can lose up to 50% of the original stone to get it into perfect condition.The princess cut is square or rectangular in shape.

Ovals vary somewhat in shape, with some being very close to round, while others are more elongated. The minimum length to width ratio for an oval is around 1.25, while the maximum is about 1.75.

Before selling a diamond, you have to get it appraised to determine its monetary value. Knowing the value will give you an estimate on how much you can sell it. Furthermore, an appraisal will tell you the four C’s of a diamond: carat, clarity, color and cut.

Diamonds do not have the liquidity and fungibility that gold has. Fungibility refers to the fact that two samples of gold of equal weight and comparable purity can be mutually exchanged because they have the same value. But you cannot exchange one diamond for another. There are simply too many factors involved in determining the value of a diamond. And unlike gold, a diamond cannot be melted, divided, cast or purified. It is what it is and cannot be changed, the only change you can make to a diamond is have expert diamond cutters cut the diamond to bring out its prized optical properties. So let’s have a look into what the four C’s are and what you should watch out for while buying diamonds.

To be sure that you are getting the right quality of the gemstone that you need, you have to check on the reputation of the seller. They have to be certified by the relevant authorities and this would take care of the origin and the color of the diamonds.

But if you really need the cash right away, you can go to a reputable jeweler to sell diamonds that you own. You will be able to get the payment right away and use it for whatever that needs to be done. The only concern here is that you will not be able to command a high price for it because they will have to make a profit out of it too.

When looking at the certificate for a heart diamond, the most important areas to look at are the color and cut grades. With these, color can appear around the corners, especially with a color grade of J or lower. Finally, because of the relative difficulty associated with cutting heart diamonds, the cut grade is extremely important. It’s recommended that you stick with diamonds with a cut grade of “Good” at the very least, and higher if at all possible. Poorly cut heart diamonds will suffer greatly in terms of sparkle and brilliance.

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