A Healthy Marriage – How To Keep Your Marriage Fit

My husband and I are Boy Scout volunteers. Some evenings we have very little time for cooking after work. While doing our grocery shopping we look for quick and easy meal ideas that we could try a couple times a week. On our last trip we found the Gourmet Dining Shrimp Fried Rice in the freezer section. On the left hand corner of the package are the words “Freezer to Fork in Minutes”. The bottom front of the package reads “Complete Skillet Meal with Shrimp, Rice, Vegetables with Egg and Gourmet Teriyaki Sauce”. All this and it touts it is 98% Fat Free, I was sold. As we both like oriental food we thought we’d give it a try.

receitas de geladinho gourmet snacks: pate de foie gras, cheese, mixed nuts, summer sausage, crackers, olives: This holiday gift basket is totally whimsical and fun. There should be no work involved. Toss in a set of hors d’oeuvres forks, snack plates, a cutting board and snack slicer.

I always allow about fifty percent more food preparation time versus regular grilling when I am plank cooking. During the preparation time you can baste the fish with flavourings if desired.

I’ll explain with my car metaphor mentioned earlier. Picture your body as your car. Head to toe you the car is alive functioning today on fuel such as water cereal seeds various nuts herbs and roots as well as gourmet sweets fruits and vegetables.

Since it is hard to pass on dessert, you can indulge without too much guilt. P.F. Chang’s offers Mini Desserts. These are little desserts that are baked in shot glasses. They aren’t joking when they call them Mini, but at least you get to end your meal on a sweet note. My personal favorite is the Red Velvet Cake Mini.

Lily pad keychain: This one requires a little work. Purchase the kind of keychain that has a place to carry a photo. Print small copies of your favorite lily pad photo on cardstock, and slip one into each keychain for a unique lily pad wedding favor. Choose a photo that matches your wedding color scheme so they will look great on your tables. Alternatively, use a “classic show off key ring” for lily pad wedding favors. Have your lily pad graphic custom imprinted on both sides in colors you choose.

One piece of mind that might comfort you, is that no matter how hard and impossible it feels right now, this is all temporary. You can forget someone you love. It will heal over time and that is definite. No heart break that last forever. Be willing to take control of your own life and emotion. If he chose to leave you, then it is his lost. You deserve a better life.

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