Use Meditation To Improve Your Brain Power

Get support – Talk it out with a trusted friend or professional. RC or Re-evaluation co-counseling is a low cost way to learn how to exchange effective help with like-minded hearts in order to get free from the effects of past distress experiences.

I love to use RAPs (Repetitive Audio Programs) for fast and efficient rewiring. RAPs are selected affirmations repeated over and over while you how to breathe properly or sleep. When you are in a theta brain wave state, your subconscious is open to receive new information without resistance, making for fast and easy reprogramming. I put on the mp3 before I go to sleep, and then all night the recorded statements are seeping into my subconscious, rewiring my beliefs while I dream. This is my kind of rewiring!

Life is not all about work. Getting enough sleep and exercise and eating a healthy diet are also important. Make time for social activities, but don’t become dependent on alcohol or drugs which actually add to stress and depression. A big help in reducing stress is volunteering for something that involves in helping people. So can prayer, meditation and yoga.

If you are wondering, how you can become a better stock broker, then you will want to know the stock market is a strenuous industry and only the fittest survive. When you are somebody who can falter at the slightest push, then you might reconsider your decision. Trading can be fun for those who know how to face the adversities as they come up.

It can be quite misleading to say that you’re a portion of God, since you are actually the whole God. This can be a timeless principle of metaphysics. You should grasp the thought that you’re the God, you hunt for. At least for this short article, open your thoughts, and try on this thought for five minutes. It will not damage you. Examine the possibility that you are the Final Creator.

We head for the Church of the Nativity built by Constantine in 330 A.D. This is the traditional site of the birthplace of Jesus. Entering the small doorway, we find no pews inside. We walk up to the Orthodox altar, passing by tattered columns and mosaic underneath the stone floor, and descend a flight of steps to the manger site. Here, we kneel in homage before the silver star- marking the spot of Jesus’ birth. It is a poignant moment. Like the Magi, we traveled from afar to bring homage to our King. There are no material gifts this time. Only the gift of our lives, our hearts.

Are life’s disappointments connected to expectations? I dreamed about how it should be — and when it wasn’t, my sense of fairness in some strange way seemed violated. What would it be like to have no expectations? Dull? Perhaps boring? Maybe I enjoyed my roller coaster trip of vicissitudes, and subconsciously caused them myself just for the ride. But what happens when the excitement stops? I was about to find out.

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