The Basics Of A Lawn Care Business

Starting your own lawn care business can be a very profitable venture. Owning your own business will also allow you to set your own work hours and pay, plus you won’t be relying on anyone else for the security of your job.

You can also find out who, in the association, is in charge of making sure all the property care is completed and up to par. Once you find this out, you can call them up or set up a time to visit. Find out what they like or don’t like about their current Lawn Care Business Jacksonville Florida service provider. Take notes and keep track of these issues so they can later be addressed when you submit your estimate.

As you start to look around at the various lawn care specialists in your area, keep in mind what needs and wants you have. A good way to find promising companies is to ask around. It is highly likely that someone you know has had a professional take care of their Lawn Care Business. Ask your neighbors, friends, and co workers for recommendations. You will be able to get the complete inside scoop about a company and this will help you determine if they are worth the quote that you receive from them.

Apply fertilizer applications to the lawn in mid-May. Use a fertilizer that offers at least 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn space. The fertilizer label will usually have general application guidelines. After applying the fertilizer, be sure to saturate the lawn to prevent the grass blades from sustaining damage from the fertilizer. Nitrogen can burn grass blades. A slow release nitrogen fertilizer has the least chance of accidentally harming the grass.

With regards to knowing how often you need to aerate your lawn, it is not required too often. On average, you can aerate your lawn every other year as this is already enough. However, if your lawn endures heavy foot traffic and your soil has become dense and compact, aerating your lawn should be done every year. The best time to do this is during springtime so you can do it along with your other lawn care projects.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a lawn care business that you’re contemplating starting or any other type of business, if you allow yourself to indulge in these types of behaviors, you are setting yourself up for failure. Your best bet to avoid these mental errors is to get some assistance from someone who has already overcome the pitfalls in setting up and running this business, someone whose knowledge is proven and who knows how to make money with lawn care.

Always mow the lawn in late afternoon or early evening when it’s dry. This will help it cut easily without damaging the blades and keep the moisture locked in.

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