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Stop going for what is viral. Stop trying to figure out, “Ah, how do I make something so viral?” Stop trying to stick laughing babies, a guy falling on a BMX bike, and some cats in a video. That’s a big problem because it’s contrived. And it’s not going to work, right? The whole power about viral video is that you have something that people love and they want to pass on.

Going from Head writer to cast member Tina fey has been a powerhouse of SNL stardom and success. Her Sarah Palin impression became so wildly popular that she caught the attention of Sarah Palin herself who came on the show to call her out. Tina is also the creator and star of the Emmy award winning show 30 Rock based on her experiences of being head writer for SNL.

Email your video link to friends, customers, clients and partners and ask them to share this video with their friends and to leave a comment. Having a lot of comments can create a buzz about your video.

FREE members are able to create stages (i.e., the background and insertion of video). However, they do not get to use the advertising on the site. For $24.95 a month, this site is WELL worth the SEO, and online marketing for your business.

This week the teams had to come up with a guerilla-marketing stunt video for Popcorn, Indiana, a popcorn company along with the assistance of improv prankster and berita hari ini star Charlie Todd. The video with the most potential to go viral would win. The project managers were Mahsa for Fortitude and Clint for Octane. Wade had volunteered to be PM last week in the boardroom but since Clint was so eager to be PM for this task he stepped down.

The new video, continues right where the other one stopped. It shows Jimmy Kimmel enter the room wearing a pink shirt and using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the girl on fire. The girl, who was named Caitlin Heller in the YouTube clip, was later revealed to be a stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.

One of my favorite bands of all time was introduced to me via Youtube. I stumbled across the song “Business Time” out of curiosity and boredom. Flight of the Conchords is a New Zealand comedy music duo. They have a unique nerdy, awkward humor that is priceless and endearing. Over 18 million people have watched the video of Flight of the Conchords playing Business Time live. The song is about a man trying to talk his girlfriend into making love. But in the process reveals how mundane their life is and how horrible of a lover he is. Flight of the Conchords signature wit and intelligent humor proves to be the reason this song is so popular. I recommend this video to everyone.

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