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Many people think Canada and United States are very similar when it comes to customs but actually, the two can be totally different under certain circumstances. It’s true that Canada has approximately the same business hours as the U.S. – 9 to 5 – but some of their other practices are much different. For example, when writing dates, we usually write the month, day and year, whereas Canadians write the day, then month, then year. This is a minor adjustment for most business people.

Online dating can be an enjoyable activity but some rules do exist, for your safety at least. Arriving at decisions based on mere emotional impulse may either lead you to a magical fairy tale happy ending or a tragic romantic demise. The rules are pretty simple. It is pure common sense. You do not need to hire a professional consultant or adviser because our instinct for caution is always there. A few reminders wouldn’t hurt. They’ll come in handy when you need it.

It is easy to make compliments and yet they have a powerful effect. It makes us feel good about us and great about the person complimenting. We attracted and like the person complimenting us. We never feel bad or disgusted on receiving compliments, whoever gives them to us. And the compliments are given by your mate you feel extremely close to him/her.

Another good tip is to go out on dates. Dates, when you’ve been married for years? Yes, really, go out to dinner and a movie and cuddle in the car on the way home. The point is that again, you’ve made time just for the two of you. The rest of the world just has to wait.

Thinking of giving a gift to a Canadian associate? Then do so after a deal is finalized. This is almost expected. It is also acceptable to offer gifts upon your initial introduction, in person. A tasteful gift from home is often appreciated. Christmastime brings much gift-giving. When invited to a home, flowers are fine but avoid white lilies which are normally reserved for funerals and deaths. Red roses are associated with subliminal programming so avoid those as well. Perfume and clothing gifts are considered much too personal.

E.Repair the injuries caused. Successful couples apologize and accept each other’s repair attempts. Unsuccessful couples ignore the hurt they have inflicted and hold grudges.

If money is no object, then Sunset Key is the place to be — an island off Key West. Secluded cottages and tropical plants and flowers await the two of you.

Handshakes are acceptable for introductions and agreements but men should wait for a woman to offer her hand. Traditional greetings such as “Good Morning” or “Good Night” are the norm in Canada. Basic manners, such as found in the U.S., are usually acceptable for Canada as well. Holding doors open for another, speaking in non-boasting tones and saying “please” and “thank you” are appropriate.

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