Haunted History Ghost Tour Of Tombstone

Halloween is coming. A time when things go bump in the night and scared little ones dressed in adorable costumes go “trick or treating” for those goodies handed out door by door by total strangers.

In present time, there is now less research, more drama, and bullying from grown adults. Ironically, the term “paraunity” came from drama itself, as a way to combat drama and instead come together. The individuals who coined the term are no longer involved in the field.

People who have had experiences, whether they are a developing psychic, or have had a paranormal experience are very normal people. You would be surprised at how many are college educated and working professionals.

As for the thrill, watch horror movies can be compared to being on a roller coaster ride. Just like people like to reach height and fall freely, similarly watching such movies is considered enjoyable. These movies have the ability to increase one’s heart rate or boost up the adrenaline. Also, the feeling of relief once the movie is over is considered to be a positive factor. This is why the ending of such movies are often decided after severe anticipation. Even the end of the above mentioned movie “Paranormal blog” was changed after accepting the suggestion from “Mr. Spielberg”. It later turned out that the masses liked it a lot, because people like to enjoy the sense of ease at the end.

Among the ‘Ghost Hunters Academy’ recruits was Jane Riley, a New Jersey-based Paranormal blog online researcher and photographer. Jennifer Waite spoke with Jane for this in-depth interview, exploring the realities of reality TV, Jane’s interest in the paranormal, and the spookiest thing she’s ever seen!

One of the most important components in a tape recorder are the pair of electromagnets inside. These electromagnets get their signal from the microphone and translate that energy in what is called a magnetic flux. When you record, that magnetic flux is copied, or “remembered,” on that side of the cassette tape. Now, let’s say you wanted to make a copy of that tape. By copying your recording onto another cassette, you have literally transferred the magnetic flux and imprinted it on your second tape. If environmental conditions are right, could events of the past, or even a once living person’s mind, be copied, or imprinted, upon the area via electromagnetic resonance?

If you’ve had an experience with Shadow People, please let us know. Publishing your story could really help the other people who have had or are having to deal with these nasty little beings. And of course, we will not reveal your identity.

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