Be A Caring Parent – Teach Safe Driving To Your Kid

If you are planning to work as a truck driver, you must secure your CDL license first. This will be your pass in your entry in the trucking world. To have a CDL license you must attend school/training. There are a lot of driving schools available where you can have your CDL training. You may consider the company- owned driving school or a private truck driving school.

Bigger always wins. Never try to take on a big rig or a vehicle bigger than you. Get out of the way and give that person all the room they want. Yes, they might be in the wrong, but defensive driving is not about being right. It’s about being alive and staying out of trouble. Truckers drive for a living and they spend way too much time on the road. They’re going to make mistakes. Stay clear.

Next, learn how to drive a commercial truck, either at a trucking school or company equipped to train drivers. Before taking the driving test, you will need to take a behind-the-wheel exam. This involves a pre-trip inspection, and driving skills exam where you drive backwards and forwards around cones on DMV grounds. Next, comes the on-the road test. Pass all of the aforementioned tests and the hard part is behind you. The only remaining step to complete is passing a personal physical. Passing a California CDL exam requires a commitment of time and usually money, but it pays for itself when you consider the number of employment possibilities that will come your way.

A number of these manoeuvres are currently included on the U.K. Driving Test and will one day form part of the Irish Driving Test when we finally come up to European Standards.

You might also like to choose a truck Driving Instructors Broadmeadows which has a job placement program. This will help you a lot to land on the right and best job for you and your ability faster.

So you ask: How do I know what to check? Well the answer is you must get a good study guide. Your local license branch has some free material that tells you the basics of what to check, but you may not know all of the terms. Items like “slack adjuster”, “brake chamber”, and “tie rod ends” are just a few of the things that need to be looked at on your walk around. If you get a good study guide, these terms will be easily learned. This “walk around” is also part of your TEST to obtain a CDL.

First is the walk around (pre-trip inspection), second is the air brake check, third are backing and docking, and finally the road test. You will “walk around” your truck pointing out various items to check before you take to the road. You will tell the CDL tester what you are looking at and why you are checking it. Next you will test the truck air brake system. Start the engine, build air pressure, (time how long it takes and see if your truck is within specs), work the brake dash valves to check for air leaks, hold the brakes on to check for pressure leaks by reading your air pressure gauge. The pre-trip and air brake parts can be learned easily with a little bit of study and a good memory.

Learning to Drive can be daunting and costly. Brian from Able2Drive has solved this problem with a unique system that advances you through his driving school allowing you to pass your driving test without forking out hundreds of dollars.

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